Centra Boxing Punching Bag Free Standing Speed Bag Dummy UFC Kick Training 170cm

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Shadow boxing only gets you so far. Start mastering the techniques and only then work on power. Come home and cap of the day with a perfect boxing work-out with your punching bag.

Practice makes perfect. Master delivering your roundhouse kicks with speed and precision. Your kick bag will be with you for many drills to come. Start kicking slowly and around kick 100 reach full power.

One. One. One. Two. One. Each hit and your bag flies back at you. Practice boxing and other martial arts. Take out all your pent-up rage at the bag rather than your co-workers.

Fill you boxing bag base with sand or water. Unleash your fury knowing your punching bag will stay upright. No sliding around. The suction cups keep in firmly in place.

Follow the instructions and you will quickly have your new heavy punching bag. We suggest filling the base with sand rather than water. Heavier per volume and will always remain hygienic.


Key Features:

  • Punching and kicking
  • Multi-layer construction
  • High-density PU leather
  • Shock absorbent layer
  • Highly resilient EPE foam
  • Fast rebound and tear-resistant
  • 10 Strong suction cups
  • Safe punching and kicking
  • Suitable for all floors
  • Fill with sand or water (optional)


Brand: Centra

Material: PU leather EPE foam fabric steel

Base fill (water capacity): 50kg

Base fill (sand capacity): 100kg

Dimension: 53cm x 53cm x 170cm (L x W x H)

Colour: Black


  • 1x Centra Punching Bag
  • 1x Instruction Manual

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