Home Office Gym Electric Treadmill Walking Pad Fitness Remote Control

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Get on the track to fitness with your walking treadmill. Get off the couch and start walking while watching tv. Just what the doctor ordered. Build up the confidence to run outside.

Is it raining outside? Too hot? Too cold? Too windy? Well lucky you are walking inside. Just wheel your foldable treadmill into the middle of your living room. Walk in the comfort of your own home.

Slide it under your bed when not in use. Your folding treadmill can move to where you need it. Walk in your bedroom. In your loungeroom. Over in the garage. Walk on the spot wherever you like indoors.

Your new best treadmill requires regular maintenance. Make sure you read the instructions. Oil per the schedule. Tighten when things get loose. Walk for many years to come.

Enjoy a cushioned walk. Enjoy a cushioned walk outside from judging eyes and swooping magpies. If you struggle to walk on a concrete path this walking treadmill may be the perfect tool to get your fitness levels up.


Key Features:

  • Wide anti-slip running belt
  • High-strength composite running board
  • Shock absorption
  • Variable speed controls
  • Bright digital LED display
  • Powerful and energy-efficient motor
  • Lightweight portable
  • SAA-certified


Brand: Centra

Speed: 0.5km/h – 6km/h

Rated voltage: 220V – 240V

Rated power: 1.5hp

Weight capacity: 80kg

Weight: 19.5kg

LED Screen size: 15cm x 4cm

Running belt size: 38cm x 100cm (W x L)

Overall dimension: 125cm x 51cm x 12cm (L x W x H)

Colour: Black


  • 1 x Centra Treadmill
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

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